Tuesday, June 4, 2019

June 4, 2019

Things are popping around here at MissIzzy.us. Our launch team has been busy getting the word out that the book goes live on June 17, 2019. I can't believe the day is fast approaching. It set in at the moment I received my first paperback proof copy. Wow! I could hold it and flip through the pages. What an unbelievable feeling.

Now we need everyone's help. I have made a video explaining how you can help us get the word out. We have been mass marketing with our publisher, but there is nothing like a grassroots movement. I am asking that everyone go to my Marketing Team leader's blog, www.drmelmessage.com and scan through it. There is a post about BECOMING MISS IZZY. Please read and then make a comment below mentioning Sue Zook and BECOMING MISS IZZY. You might even want to leave a short review. The reason is that we have been busy creating backlinks to increase our SEO search engine rankings. Will you please help us?


Mary and I are overwhelmed at the wonderful support we are getting for BECOMING MISS IZZY. Thank you for the wonderful reviews. Here are a couple you haven't seen yet.

“Becoming Miss Izzy is a coming-of-age story about a fifth-grade girl, Elizabeth Ann Tanlin—or, as her grandmother calls her, Izzy—making the transition from elementary to middle school and coming to terms with the changes and challenges that accompany this significant transition. A running issue that this book explores is Izzy’s relationship with her health, in particular, being overweight. Embedded in the narrative are practical, research-based recommendations for a young person (really, for everyone of all ages) to enact to become healthy in terms of eating, movement/exercise, and emotional wellbeing. To me, an incredibly important aspect of this book is that while adults may particularly approve of its positive messages and instructive elements, middle-school readers will connect with Izzy herself. She will captivate them. She’s a multidimensional protagonist, who has good days, bad days, setbacks, and successes—just like they do. For anyone with an upper-elementary or middle-school child in their life, give them this book, so they can feel heard and seen at this particularly rocky period in their young lives. And you’ll know that at the same time your child is enjoying Becoming Miss Izzy, they are receiving solid instruction on how to navigate this period of their lives in positive, healthy ways.” Nancy Pile, MAT - Former Middle and High School Teacher

 “Becoming Miss Izzy was delightful to read. As a woman who has struggled with weight issues since childhood, a teacher for 30 years and the mother of 4, I really appreciate the insight and excellent way in which the author has approached this topic. Through the caring mother character, she has provided the tools to cope with these issues. Not only for the young people facing the challenges, but for those who see others going through it.” Fiona Eckersley


Yesterday, my publisher, Absolute Author Publishing House gave us and BECOMING MISS IZZY a shout out in their blog. Take a look here Absolute Author Publishing House,

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